Cynas Lumbee Jewelry and Accessories Logos are Copyrighted. 

Cynas Official Registered Trademark

Cynas Official Registered Trademark

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Cynas Pinecone Patchwork is a US Federal Trademark Reg. No. 3,974,134

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All rights reserved. Any piece of jewelry including "The Lumbee Ring" or any Jewelry or part thereof, described at, or , may not be reproduced as jewelry or reproduced or utilized in any other three or two dimensional reproduction in any form, ie print, clothing, bags, etc or by any means, mechanical or electronic including photocopying or stored in a retrieval system or otherwise, without prior permission in writing from Cynas Diamond & Jewelers INC. Copyright 2000 by Cynas Diamond & Jewelers INC. All Lumbee and Pinecone Patchwork items are designed by Cynas, the manufacture of some items are outsourced.